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Does really CIA use Silent Circle?

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We really do not know exactly if  CIA uses Silent Circle but what we do know is that Silent Circle is increasingly recognized as the best security app for Iphone or Android.

So much that unlike other startups that are based in Silicon Valley or San Francisco, Silent Circle has its main offices in Washington.

In the last two years and thanks to the changes that the Silent Circle software has made in its app, it is increasingly accepted in Washington’s political, military and espionage circles.

Silent Circle the app with military technology for civil security in mobile

Silent Circle decided to bet on the software after having launched its Black Phone 2, the safest smartphone on the market. It has its own operating system and is produced in Europe instead of  China. That is the reason there are no backdoors through the different chips.

However, it is the technology used by Silent Circle that has drawn the attention of the US security offices.

With a mix of proprietary patents such as the ZTRP, a protocol that encrypts the communication between sender and receiver from start to finish. In addition, the ZTRP itself analyzes the communication continuously to ensure that there is no type of interference.

This coupled with the encryption technology 2 Fish, caught the attention of the main defense and police agencies in the United States.

Silent Circle is currently used by many government agencies, not only in the United States but in 130 countries. This is because this software is really a safe for communications, both from governments and from companies and individuals.

If you feel they are spying on you, use Silent Circle, the safest app on the market.

Nowadays, with the use of dozens of messaging services such as Whatsapp, Wechat, Messenger or Telegram, the loss of valuable information is happening on a day by day basis.

Companies, governments, political parties and individuals have seen their communications compromised on many occasions. With catastrophic results.

In a world where information is increasingly valuable and there are many computers, servers and mobile phones compromised with viruses, it is best not to take risks.

Silent Circle encrypts your communications as if it were a shell, the key to open that shell is only in your phone as the sender and the person with whom you communicate as a receiver.

Through the Silent Circle app you can call, send, send files, make video calls and videoconferences in a totally secure way.

The reason is that Silent Circle shields communication from the beginning to the end. This is very important when using Voice over IP, since it is an insecure technology that allows stealing data when passing through a server or a 3G or 4G intervened telecommunications tower.

Therefore, if you need total privacy in all your communications. Do not hesitate to contact Lcd Laptops, the best Silent Circle distributor.

With Lcd Laptops and Silent Circle you can get the assurance that your words, messages, files or videos reach only the indicated recipient and that you can choose at what moment they should burn themselves.


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