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One of the main elements of any computer or laptop is the hard drive. If the motherboard and RAM are the brain of the computer, the hard disk is the body. And as our bodies according to what activity you are going to practice you need to develop a series of muscles.

Just as a weightlifter is not the same as a marathon runner. Each type of hard drives complement your machine better or worse.

It depends on what you are looking for, speed or storage capacity, short latency or longer period of life, higher cost or lower cost etc.

Before deciding on a hard disk HDD or an SSD hard disk, it is best to consult a service expert technician in laptops and spare parts. For users, who need a work tool is necessary, that this has a good combination of speed and memory. 

However, if you want to transform an old-fashioned laptop into a decent machine, you have to analyze the components it has, to find the hard drive that will provide that extra performance.

What are the most usedtypes of hard drives?

The two most commonly used hard drives are HDDs and SSDs. 

The HDD hard drive has been on the market for many years and consists of several dishes that rotate on an axis and the information is recorded and reproduced through two needles or heads, one for reading and one for writing.

The hard disk HDD is still the most used and which usually comes from the factory with almost any computer or laptop. The reason is that they are discs with large storage capacity (500 Gb, 1Tb or 2 Tb) with a very affordable cost.

This means that if you have a more or less recent equipment. That is, of 4 years or less and that has at least 4 Mb of RAM and an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 chip you have enough computing power and speed to do any task without problems.

On the other hand if you have a laptop over 4 years old and with slower chips such as an Intel Celeron, you need to quickly equip your machine to get it out of obsolescence. 

For this purpose SSD hard drives are the best solution. Because they are really chips with flash memory with another chip that serves to sort, record and retrieve information. As everything is digital in Solid State Drive disks, speed is the greatest of its advantages. The disadvantages for its part is its scarcity if you need to store more than 500 Gb of information and on the other hand every time we write on a SSD a corruption of the memory cells occurs.

This is the reason why an HDD lasts longer than an SSD.

Should I change my HDD for an SSD?

An excellent technical service is the best guide to know what type of hard disk suits you the most. No two users are the same, each person uses their computer or laptop in very different ways.

You may want to work with common programs such as Office or you need to edit video in 4K. Maybe you want to store many movies or to enjoy video games like Overwatch or League of Legends.

Definitely if your laptop is old and slow an SSD is the solution to get a few more years of life without investing a large amount of money. Going from waiting 2 or 3 minutes to load the operating system to about 40 seconds will confirm that it is money well spent.

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