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Dell Benalmadena will transform your laptop

In this case, the Dell Málaga technical service faced a new challenge. The client needed to change the motherboard of his DELL XPS P54G, the laptop had all the components in perfect condition but the motherboard stopped working from one day to the next.

This has been common in many Dell XPS for several, but if you have a Dell SAT service as Lcd Laptops, you will not have to throw your computer in the trash.

Dell Benalmádena accelerates110% your laptop

With the Dell Benalmádena SAT it is very easy to have your Dell notebook as new again. The technical experts in computer repair of Torremolinos had to use all their skills and patience to put this Dell to work again.

For this they started by opening the back, unscrewing the 8 screws and the bolt that comes under the plate with the XPS logo.

We continue removing the casing, to expose the memory SSD, the battery, the motherboard and the wifi antenna among other things.

To remove the battery, disconnect it from the motherboard. Then we proceed to unplug the touchpad and remove it. To remove the SSD you have to remove a small screw and we can remove it from its slot type M.2.

Changing the plate to this type of Dell is really laborious and you have to pay close attention to detail. Therefore, if you need professionals to fix Dell computers in Malaga. Lcd Laptops is your best option.

To remove the wifi card, we have to remove the screw and then we will remove the two connected cables. Little by little the mother card begins to see in all its extension.

Put your Dell like a rocket with a motherboard change

With all the motherboard in sight (processors, fans, graphics card etc) we can start to unscrew. This type of motherboard for DELL XPS has several flex cable contacts that we have to unplug.

We remove the flexes of the speakers, the LCD screen, the fan, and the touchpad. In this way we can remove the motherboard and change it.

Something quite curious on this motherboard is that the back of the RAM chips are already inserted. This is the reason why a motherboard for Dell has a price a little higher than other manufacturers, because it brings 4Gb or 8Gb of Ram soldered to it.

We take the fan and the cooling piece (4 screws) take advantage to clean them, we review the new motherboard with a little paste to better dissipate the heat and replace the heatsink and fan.


We fit the corresponding flexes on the motherboard and continue with the Wi-Fi, then rearrange the SSD disk,

LCD Laptops all the spare parts for your computer

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In Lcd Portatiles you can find laptop creens, Ram memories, speakers, hinges, flex cables and of course many different types of motherboards.

In addition Lcd Portatiles has in stock many spare parts for computers and old laptops. So if you are in search of any spare laptop and can not find it, contact Lcd Laptops.

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